About Soothing2Sleep

Soothing2Sleep are a team of Adelaide sleep consultants specialising in infant and child sleep concerns.

Does your little one take hours to settle at night? Or are they easy to settle but wake up frequently throughout? Whatever the sleep concern and whatever the age of your little one, our expert knowledge can help provide you with the tools you need to build healthy sleep foundations for the whole family.

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to sleep and we want to work with you and your families needs to provide you with a tailored sleep plan.

A word from Head Sleep Consultant, Anna-May!

Hello, I'm Anna-May the owner and head sleep consultant at Soothing2Sleep.

Since becoming a certified Infant and Child Sleep Consultant in 2020 I've supported families around the world in achieving healthy sleep with their little ones.

As a mum of two I understand how overwhelming the journey to a good night's sleep can be for parents, or even just the struggles of finding your routine throughout the day, in fact my eldest is the reason I discovered my passion for becoming a sleep consultant.

My experience with my daughter made me want to create a judgement-free space for parents to discuss their sleep concerns and learn evidence based solutions to develop healthy sleep patterns.

I believe in holistic, evidence based solutions with tailored support for every family I have the pleasure of working with.

Please feel free to book a call for an obligation free chat about how we can work together.

  • Holistic Approach

    Every child is different and every family is unique so our approach to building peaceful sleep involves looking at the whole picture for each family we work to ensure you find the right tools and methods to acheive your goals.

  • Proven Strategies

    With our expert knowledge we empower parents with proven strategies and methods to transform their child’s sleep. The tools our families access through our custom sleep plans and general sleep guides build life-long skills for both the parents and the child.

  • Judgement-Free Zone

    We understand the struggles you're facing, we've faced them ourselves and we are here to support you. Your time with our sleep consultants is a judgement-free zone. Whatever your starting point is and whatever approach you are looking for, you are not alone in the journey.